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I signed up for a free month of Netflix, primarily so I could marathon the new season of Arrested Development. Naturally, I found myself also marathoning other things I've been wanting to see as well.

Sherlock was definitely one of the good ones. I like the direct references that are made to the original ACD stories and novels, while maintaining the series' unique style and storylines. I've also found some fanfic that has interested me after the fact (though I admit that this will probably be one of those "reading fandoms" and not a "writing one" for me).

As I've been shuffling through FF.N, AO3, as well as a number of rec-lists that I've found, I've noticed a trend in some of the post-Reichenbach fics that I've recently read. For as well-written as some of the stories have been, this particular trend has been a little off-putting. And that is John's tendency to regain his psychosomatic limp following Sherlock's "suicide." While I agree that Sherlock was the catalyst for curing that particular problem, I like to think that John Watson is the type of character who has learned to stand on his own two feet. (Pun intended.) To say that he would completely regress following his friend's "death" is to say that he's incapable of fully functioning without him, and I really do hope that this is not the direction the new season is going to go when it airs.

Just my opinion, though.

I know many of my flist members were into this series when it was airing, though I don't recall who. If anyone has some good stories to recommend, I'd certainly be willing to give them a look!

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Date: 2013-07-06 09:37 am (UTC)
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Netflix is wonderful!! Netflix is finally why I watched 'Fringe', and wished I'd been able to when it was actually airing. :P

Netflix needs to get MORE wonderful and get the rest of the 'Ben 10' stuff up already, though. LOL

Looks like they've either got the fifth season of 'Merlin' up, or are at least working on it....I'm going to watch other things for awhile because chances are good when I want to go and watch fifth season I'll just want to do the whole series again anyway...LOL

...I could go on and on, but wouldn't want to bore....LOL

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Date: 2013-07-06 04:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I have a feeling I'll be taking advantage of the opportunity to marathon quite a few other things while I still have the free month! I've really been enjoying Netflix so far, so I'll probably sign up for it officially once I get an internet connection at the new house. :)

And we've always seemed to enjoy the same TV, so it's no bore! I'd certainly take recommendations if you have any!

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Date: 2013-07-07 09:32 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Well, if you've not seen 'Fringe' or 'Merlin' yet, I HIGHLY recommend both. Although several liberties are taken with the Arthurian legends [as can be expected from a TV show...LOL] 'Merlin' is still quite entertaining. They don't have the final season for 'Fringe' up yet, just as a warning, but it's still a darned good show.

'Eureka' is good. And once I get to that point I'll *finally* be able to see the first episodes...I came into the series about in the middle and *still* got a kick out of it. ^_^

The hubby and I were *both* like "OMGWOW!!" when we discovered they have 'Spider-man & His Amazing Friends'....we keep looking every so often, but still no luck on a DVD release for that [the next Holy Grail, now that the 'toon is out on DVD...LOL], so having it SOMEWHERE is totally awesome. And they have 'Jem' too, a series I couldn't afford to get when *it* came out on DVD, and I think they've discontinued it so I can't get it now anyway. :P Bunch of other '80s cartoons [though no 'Mighty Orbots'. Dang it that show is NOWHERE. **sniffles**] including the original Transformers & G.I. Joe... XD No 'Thundercats' though. **pouts**

There are a few older series as well [like 'Adam 12' old, though I wouldn't be too shocked if you had no idea what that one is], and 'Airwolf'!!! Classic and New Dr. Who....and Torchwood...which I've not seen ANY of yet! XD And of course All the Star Trek [excluding the new movies. LOL]

'Once Upon a Time'....they only have season 1 up so far, I've enjoyed it, but to be warned, it's more a live-action Disney version of the fairy tales as opposed to the real ones [season 2 had Mulan and Aurora....XD...oh, and Captain Hook...LOL]...sorta. Hey, at least they had Maleficent, if only briefly darn it!!!! And the Evil Queen gets all the best clothes. LOL

'Lost Girl' is Full Of Awesome. Really wish the hubby would quite introducing me to shows I've not seen yet, so I can maybe go back and watch some older stuff....LOL

'The Walking Dead' is good if you like zombies at all, although someone took offense once to my referring to it as a "less rated R version of 'Resident Evil'". I'm sorry, considering the main character wakes up AFTER the Zombie Apocalypse occurs and is having to find out things as he goes...I kept expecting to find out the Umbrella Corp was behind it all....XD] Don't get me wrong, I still liked the show....not as gory as the 'Resident Evil' movies, although 'The Walking Dead' does have some gory parts to it. I've heard complaints from people that have read the comic series it's based on, but since I haven't read it myself, I have no complaints there. ^_~

If you've not watched 'The Dresden Files'!! Even if you've read the books. XD This show GOT me to read the books [hadn't heard of 'em before I'd seen it], and while there are MANY differences, it's a show I still adore.

ANd *both* UK & US versions of 'Being Human', looks like. Might have to give that one another shot, although the US version wasn't really catching my interest when I first saw it on [whatever the Sci-fi Channel is calling itself these days...LOL], maybe I should give the UK version a shot....

......maybe I should stop now....LOL See what you get for encouraging me? heehee

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Date: 2013-07-07 10:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Woohoo! At least it's summer and I can actually watch some of those! I love "Walking Dead" and I actually have the DVD set of "Dresden"! But some of the others I have yet to see!

Is it funny that I squealed with happy when you said "Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends"!?!? :D

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Date: 2013-07-10 04:36 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
So totally *not* funny....UNDERSTANDABLE, though!! I sure squeed when I first came across it! XD I *loved* 'Spider-Man & HIs Amazing Friends' to the extent that I did audio recordings of 'em [same as the D&D 'toon...LOL]. And was TOTALLY irate that second season entailed...THREE WHOLE EPISODES!! The D&D 'toon even got more than that! :P And it was even more fun, I think, because Firestar got to kick some butt too, which was rather a bit more uncommon back then. And I adored their version of Iceman to the extent.....had I ever had kids [a boy] one would have been named Robert just for him!

And Yay! for DresdenSeries!! When I got my hands on the DVDs, I was like "awesome!" Turns out there were SEVERAL episodes I'd managed to not see [or maybe didn't get aired, I dunno], *including* "What about Bob?", which is my FAVORITE episode! I dunno what version of Justine DuMorne is worse...the TV series one, or the book's....XD And I loved Paul Blackthorne enough as Dresden that he is the SOLE REASON I took the plunge and watched 'Arrow'. LOL [yes, I was sold the MINUTE I saw him on one of the trailers before 'Arrow' premiered...heehee]

I will OFFICIALLY have access to the TV again....shortly. LOL Still have some cleaning up to do, but then I can FINALLY catch up on 'The Walking Dead'. Since I didn't have cable for awhile, I've not seen anything since season 1, so thankfully they ran pretty much the rest of the series before starting season 3. So that's a plus for me. [although now that I look Netflix does have season 2...will probably just marathon from there, so I don't have to look up episode order...maybe...LOL hadn't checked, because we'd just gotten season 1 on DVD and I was like "oh we already have that." *G*]

Oh! More about 'Lost Girl' [since saying 'it's awesome!' only says the show is cool, not what it's about! LOL]. It's about the fey, and the episode titles can be rather pun-tastic, which really just adds to the fun for me though. [be warned though, the main character is a succubus, and that show's not shy about showing her flirting--and other things XD--with both boys and girls!!]. Kenzi rules, and the episode where she summons Baba Yaga made me squee like a mad thing....LOL

Right now I'm marathoning 'Justice League'. Is it sad the primary reason for it is to watch for the Batman/Wonder Woman bits? LOL Geez, I don't know what it is about those two that I like the idea of shipping them...but I do!! XD


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