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I signed up for a free month of Netflix, primarily so I could marathon the new season of Arrested Development. Naturally, I found myself also marathoning other things I've been wanting to see as well.

Sherlock was definitely one of the good ones. I like the direct references that are made to the original ACD stories and novels, while maintaining the series' unique style and storylines. I've also found some fanfic that has interested me after the fact (though I admit that this will probably be one of those "reading fandoms" and not a "writing one" for me).

As I've been shuffling through FF.N, AO3, as well as a number of rec-lists that I've found, I've noticed a trend in some of the post-Reichenbach fics that I've recently read. For as well-written as some of the stories have been, this particular trend has been a little off-putting. And that is John's tendency to regain his psychosomatic limp following Sherlock's "suicide." While I agree that Sherlock was the catalyst for curing that particular problem, I like to think that John Watson is the type of character who has learned to stand on his own two feet. (Pun intended.) To say that he would completely regress following his friend's "death" is to say that he's incapable of fully functioning without him, and I really do hope that this is not the direction the new season is going to go when it airs.

Just my opinion, though.

I know many of my flist members were into this series when it was airing, though I don't recall who. If anyone has some good stories to recommend, I'd certainly be willing to give them a look!
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